Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Overheard at My House #2


This is the second collection of the things I’ve heard my kids say that have made me laugh or that I just simply want to remember- and I’ve had the wherewithal to jot them down.  Since the years are blowing the bricks of their heads, they are getting taller and somehow the taller they get, the less “funnys” come out of their mouths.  Brighton has two things going for him in this category-- he is the youngest and he also spews out at least twice the potential material.

Once our snowman started melting, various appendages began falling off and eventually became a heap of something in our front yard.  Julia looked at the remains from the dining room window.   She sighed and said, “Well, now all we have left of our snowman is a little snow and a memory.”

Reading time: Brighton looks into his snack cup filled with pretzels and a couple of “Robin Eggs” and says, “Can I have my ‘rotten' eggs before I finish my pretzels?”
(Evidently, I had never told him clearly what they were.)

A kid never forgets where he sees a toy. Brighton was describing one to me a few days ago and I just wasn't seeing it as clearly as he thought he was describing it. Finally, exasperated, he said, "Mom, YOU know, it was at that paint store we went to!!"
(He was referring to a recent trip to the Kimbell Art Museum.)

I was unloading the car from an afternoon of errand running.  Brighton was sitting on the mud space putting his shoes away.  "Momma?"  "Hmm..." over my shoulder as I was headed into the kitchen.
"You smell like a good woman."

J: “Name the continents.”
B: "Africa, Australia, Texas...............”-- spoken from our only true Texan

B: “Mom, will there ever be another 2005?”
Me: “No.  It’s come and gone.”
B:  “Mom, are there people in heaven that missed 2005?”

B: “Is this my fake life or my real life?”    More here.

Julia’s job is to get breakfast ready in the mornings and B is to assist-- with utensils, napkins, drinks etc.  I know this is hard to believe but he gets distracted some mornings and finds other things to do.  The other morning we sit down to eat waffles and strawberries, we pray and Julia lets out a hefty, noisy sigh.  “What is it, honey?”  Exasperated, she says, “We don’t have anything to eat with!”  B tucks his head as Julia is already headed to get forks and napkins.  I try to empathize and say, “It’s hard to remember everything, isn’t it?”  As she firmly places the forks on the table she says, “Yes, it is---- especially when”, big eyes on B,  “NO ONE is helping you!”

Late afternoon, Brighton came in, upset about something that had happened with the kids in our cul de sac.
Me: “Tell me what happened-- I want to know from the beginning.”
B: “Well, I got up this morning.....”

He and I were in his room and I was hanging some of his laundry-- “That girl over there, standing in front of my closet.  Well, I’ve got a crush on her and have fallen in L-O-V-E with her.  That’s MY Mommy.”

When our family went to our friend’s wedding in Mississippi, a gentleman asked Brighton, "Well, tell me, how do you know Remey?" B's immediate response with no hesitation was, "Remey is our sister in Christ and our good friend in the Lord."

Julia bought Gabriel (our dog) a toy for his birthday at Target. When Brighton saw the bag she was carrying, he started dancing around badgering her about what was in it. I didn't understand her secrecy at all so, rolling my eyes, I told her to show it to him. She did so reluctantly, glared at him and half whispered, half growled, “DON’T say a WORD about this to Gabe.”

Christmas-- All sorts of things are being wrapped up around here-- sporadic art work, pocket change, candy from the Halloween basket.  Brighton is filling all of our stockings to the brim.
A few days ago he was running around with something up his shirt yelling, “Where’s the Scottish tape?!”

Watching one of the myriad football teams that have run across our screen over the last few months, Brighton has learned a few things about the game.  Just the other day, when the score was really close, he told Julia, “You know,  they may have an ‘ott’.  I have seen them have three ‘otts’.”  She is bewildered and isn’t hiding it.  She looks at him, then over to me, I shrug, then over to Jeff.  Jeff enters the conversation, “B, what are you talking about?  An ‘ott’?”  Rolling his eyes, a terrible habit taken straight from his mother, “You know, Dad, when it says, ‘O-T’-- ‘ott’.  Remember that game and there were three of them??”

I will admit it.  I am a nerd when it comes to school.  I love Saxon Math-- the straightforward, black and white approach.  It's repetitive, pound- it- in philosophy fits perfectly with my methodical self.  Not too long ago, Brighton was officially introduced to a.m and p.m.  A week or two later when I picked him up from Science Etc., he exclaimed with the enthusiasm of, "Mom!!!!  Science Etc. goes all the way from a.m to p.m.!!!!!"

"I don’t like it when two things upset me in one day. I don’t think I will EVER get over these." -from an emotional 9 year old girl

And because I don’t want this one on the side of my blog of a lengthy period of time.  I was spraying some scent in the powder bath after Brighton had visited it and he asked why so I told him.  He stood there a minute and asked, “Can you spray my bottom?”

I did overhear this one in my house but not from my children but from my sweet next door neighbor. I always get nervous when I hear the comments of my children second hand because with Brighton loose in the neighborhood, the chances of his repeated words making me blush or boil are high.
I have no idea why or when he came up with this idea, but what he said was classic B. My neighbor said, “B came to see me yesterday. He was selling pencils. (????) He said, 'This sure is a crummy pencil but............. I love you.’ “


Remey said...

These stories make me smile. Love those kiddos:)

Alyssa said...

I love that you put all of these together! I got a kick out of his introduction to Remey and the bathroom spray!

Sarah said...

I love how you remember these things and write them down. They are all priceless. Especially when paired with the pictures :)

Daboo said...

So funny. Loved reading this. I loved "the paint store". It reminded me of the time Trey came home from school and said "we got scaled today" (weighed). Aren't kids just the best!!!!