Tuesday, May 24, 2011

425.  dinner with a couple who is standing the test of time

426.  thunderstorms

427.  Saturdays with wiggle room

{her choice--?}

428.  late nights and Kleenex with special friends

429.  cookies from a neighbor

430.  texting- so I can seem close to those miles away

431.  his prized purchase

432.  days they love

433.  getting to watch these guys all season

434.  coaches who give game balls because they can

435.  Tillmans' s’mores

436.  being a guest at a dinner party

437.  empty dishwasher, empty sink

438.  chalky, streaker at the table- oblivious

439.  Calamine and prednisone

440.  baseball scores from Georgia- winning or losing!

441.  getting out


nikki said...

ahhh- so glad to know the rest of the story- you mentioned that you enjoyed yourself because it was so different than where you were earlier that morning:) i should have asked more questions:)

julie said...

you have a beautiful family.
i enjoyed your post....we just did the month long battle with poison something. it was horrible.