Tuesday, May 10, 2011

392.  an excuse to eat Mexican--and getting to do it with friends

393.  late night with friends’ Mommas

394.  special help in the kitchen

395.  getting to celebrate the girl upstairs

396.  B’s genuine love for people

397.  Outrageous Brownies

398.  piano recitals

399.  cards and notes that make my eyes sting, blur and spill

400.  another excuse to eat Mexican- guacamole anyone?

401.  fresh flowers just for me

402.  Mother’s Day wishes in all forms

403.  the gift of quiet

404.  last Math lesson-- absolutely out of my mind with gratefulness!!!

405.  “funnies”


Sherrie said...

Oh, the gift of quiet - how wonderful. It allows you to be excited about the gift of noise...later. :) Love your blessings!

Alyssa said...

So proud of those kids on the piano! And I love that Gabe "chimed" in on the card for the gal upstairs!

Sarah said...

My favorite is the pic of B talking to the elderly woman. Oh my, it makes me laugh.

And Julia looks so elegant, poised, and ladylike at the piano.