Tuesday, May 3, 2011

375.  finding empathy in your struggle

376.  advice that lightens, not burdens, the heart

377.  friends in the bleechers

378.  finding me from under his batting helmet

379.  parties

380.  innocent little girls trying on “grown"

381.  dreams from You to their hearts

382.  scones, lemon curd and cream

383.  need-a-coat spring mornings

384.  seeing more of the girl upstairs

385.  Cheek sisters in my guest room, filling up my car, and around my table

386.  seeing one more fire in my periphery

387,  sweet nothings from my 7 year old

388.  this country in which we live, though it is not our home

389.  getting to start a new book

390.  having dad home for a morning

391.  being watched

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