Tuesday, May 17, 2011

406.  Dairy Queen with Moms celebrating/lamenting- thankful for both

407.  trips to the airport

408.  Mom’s gifts for us and remembering something special for me

409.  cool fronts

410.  ballet recitals and Julia’s excitement

411.  friends coming to watch her

412.  being with friends’ families, eating chalupas and carrying on great conversations in happy chaos

413.  generous "thank you” in the form of a Chuy’s gift card

414.  necessary frank conversations

415.  friendships with history

416.  children lavishing love on my Mom

417.  faith

418.  Sabbath rest-- for everyone

419.  the gift of time from a friend

420.  kids sleeping late

421.  finishing great books

422.  time for board games

423.  full moon’s shadows on bedcovers

424.  new Tuesdays


Rachel said...

Stopping by from 1000 gifts. Great list, especially kids sleeping late and like cool fonts!

Sarah said...

What??? Did you say you want to treat me to Chuy's with that "generous" gift card?

Patti said...

I spent many, many hours at a Panera in Fort Worth back in my single days. With books and cinnamon bagels and coffee in a real cup. Back then, I longed for the life I have now. And now, of course, I often long for those solitary hours.

I'm most impressed that you played a board game. Ours gather dust, hidden on a high shelf in the closet, because, even as a child, I didn't like them. So my poor kids are denied the pleasure (?) of Shoots and Ladders. I had a new friend try to hide her dismay a few weeks ago when I confessed to not owning a single game of Memory.

I love reading about the books you and Julia are reading--it builds anticipation for where we'll be in 3 years.

Also, I was moved to tears last week when I went back and read the kids' birth stories. Amazing provision, beautifully recounted.

nikki said...

hummmm.....some of your "thankfuls" were mine too....pretty special.