Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tuesday Lament

I was wondering how this was going to work out.  Today, I didn’t make it to Panera for my computer time, my mocha in a “here” cup or my cinnamon crunch bagel.  Nor will I next Tuesday, or the next or the next.  I’ve got kids.

I’d give my vital organs for Julia or Brighton, but the fact that my Tuesdays alone are over- for 3 months- makes me sad.  Not sad like hunger in the Sudan makes me sad but sad like “I’m really going to miss that” sad.  My day off came to a screeching halt last week about 3:20. There were skid marks.  Long ones because I fought it.  I even made one last ditch effort and emailed the school administrator about the “make up” day for all the snow we enjoyed in February.  No dice.

When the fateful day was over, my skid marks led us to Dairy Queen to celebrate the last day of Science Etc. with the other Moms and kids.  I use the term “celebrate” loosely because frankly, over Blizzards and a couple of fried choices, Moms lamented over the fact it was our last Tuesday to ourselves until September.  We asked each other questions like, “What are you going to do?”, “What will your Tuesdays look like now?”. Wide eyes took over usually pleasant faces.  Shoulders shrugged when no answers came.  But after a few spoons of Oreos mixed in with soft serve, we were laughing louder than the kids and talking about, you guessed it, SCHOOL.  2011-2012.  Hopeless.

The kids and I eased into our new Tuesdays today.  The kids slept in really late after their action packed weekend.  I kept my expectations for school at a very do-able level and we had a 12:30 swim date.  I think the part I enjoyed the most was when we got home, we didn’t have a big agenda.  They had finished their school work this morning.  They got showers and put on pj’s at like 5!  Julia and I had time to finish The Secret Garden {LOVE that book!} and Brighton and I got to finish Sign of the Beaver {LOVE that one too!}.  And get ready to be amazed and astounded but I played a game of Sorry before dinner.  I know!  Thank you.  {and I won.}

So, no 11:15 mocha, no toasted carbohydrates laced with cinnamon, no chance to clear my inbox and no chance to “frame the clouds”.  And I certainly have some clouds that, for me, need framing.

But not bad for a new Tuesday.  Not bad at all.


Jackie said...

Your Tuesdays will return to you, slow and quiet you'll find them. And in those days to come, you may wander over to your keyboard and lament how much you miss having your kids around on Tuesdays.
Praise God for a great first Tuesday! Bless you!

Sarah said...

Yes, sounds like a good Tuesday to me!

Alyssa said...

How selfish is it that my first thought is that I want to kidnap J & B on a Tuesday so you can write? Wrong motive, maybe? I pray for a whole slew of great Tuesdays ahead, whether you have time to write or not.