Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Overheard at My House

How soon we forget....... Just when I think I would NEVER forget the funny thing she said, I find myself thumping my fingers at the computer or on the steering wheel not 5 minutes later wondering what in the world it was that struck me so funny. I find strips of newspaper, receipts, and church bulletins in all sorts of places-- my Bible, my closet, the laundry room-- where I have scratched down the string of words that made me grin. There are a few I can't read, but I don't dare throw away hoping for a moment of genius in translation. I have shared these in my margin of my blog along the way, but of course, I want a record of these quirky words and ideas. So here are my favorites from 2009.

6:45 am: From a little blonde boy on Jeff’s side of the bed, “Daddy, I can see it in your eyes……… want to play the Wii.”

Standing in the laundry room ironing, probably Easter weekend: Julia walks by and says, “Mom, whatcha doin’?” “Girl, you know what I am doing. Ironing.” “I know, but I have never seen you do it before.” She’s seven.

We sat down for breakfast and looked at our calendar to find out who we were to pray for that day. Brighton was curious so he asked, “Who is it today?” I said, “Our president, Barak Obama.” A horrified look came to Brighton’s face. “DID GEORGE WASHINGTON DIE??” I did my best

to explain the delicate matter of a beloved President passing away some 300 years ago. 5 days later- same time, same scene. Here is Brighton’s prayer: “Dear God, Just keep John ‘Corin’ our ‘sinner’ (Senator) safe. And keep him healthy and keep his whole family safe and my whole family safe. Keep ‘Bark’ Obama safe and his whole family safe. I just thank you for George Washington and that he was our president and now he is dead. Keep him safe with you now that he is with You and has a new body and I know it is beautiful."

Julia was telling me how her art teacher, Mrs. Cheek, was going to use some of their class’ money to send some chickens to Africa during the Christmas season. I asked Julia if she knew if it was through Samaritan’s Purse or Compassion International. She looked at me as if I was crazy, lowered her eyes and said, “I am SURE it is through Compassion International because you know they can’t fit chickens in a shoe box!”

American Girl Samantha made our last road trip with us. We returned to our hotel from dinner and Samantha was sitting in the corner. Julia was mortified that she had forgotten to “put her down” for bedtime. As she is putting on Sam’s nightgown she says, “I know in the morning she is just going to be kind of ‘honk shoo’ ?” I’m thinking what??? Feng Shui? What? “Julia, what in the world does that mean?” Buttoning the back of the gown, she looks at me and says, “You know, Mom. ‘Honk shoo’,” and then does her best snoring imitation, “Hooooonk shooooooooooo……hooooooook shoooooooo.”

24 hours after tooth-picked sweet potato carefully rests over cup of water, Brighton yells, “Momma! Come quick! My potato has 10 roots coming out of it!!!” A little suspicious, I asked, “B, are you speaking the truth?” Hesitation, as there always seems to be after this question….. “Well………” eyes roll upwards. “Well, Mom, if you cross your eyes, it LOOKS like 10 roots coming out of the bottom.”

After practicing the Doxology for the second time: Julia announces, “ Hey Brighton! This is the song we can sing at Momma and Daddy’s funeral!” Nice thought.

Early in December, Brighton handed me one of his first nativity scenes of the season. As usual, I looked it over for all his little details and I saw something a little unusual. There were little balls under the manger so I asked him about the bed in which Baby Jesus was sleeping. He grabbed the paper and his finger landed on the manger and said, “That’s Baby Jesus in the wheelbarrow. Those are the wheels, Mom.”

“Mom, why in Soperton, do they shoot reindeer?” Soperton is my hometown in South Georgia where the Saturday morning show is in the backs of pickups.

Pictures: Julia and our grown puppy, Gabriel, Brighton enjoying his whipped cream, B trying on Gabe's "cone of shame" and Julia with her "Lake Girl" hoodie from Papa


Erica said...

I love those...especially, I can see it in your want to play the Wii : )
So cute!

Sarah said...

these are all classic. inspires me to write these things down... like when asher told me today i was "too fat" to wear the dress i was admiring at target. when i said, "asher, do you really think i am fat?" he said, "well, i guess not. you are medium."
i am going running tomorrow.

Davene said...

These are hysterical! The George Washington one keeps cracking me up...and I keep trying to suppress the laughter because the rest of my family is asleep and I don't want to wake them up. :)

tanya said...

Too fun! Lately Noah has started taking "naps" without prompting. We know it is happening because we hear, "Honk shoo... honk shoo... " I smile and think of Julia every time! Who knew that is such a universal term?!

TJ Wilson said...

oh my gosh, these are hilarious. can totally picture them uttering these words. cannot pick a fav - ALL my favs.