Tuesday, May 31, 2011

442.  Mary Catherine who took such good care of Julia and Brighton on Wednesdays this school year

442.  lake anticipation

443. Jeff’s admitted weakness when it comes to Julia

444. respites from itching

445. a couple of days to play

446. lily white bodies’ first swim

447. boy’s heart quicker to soften than before

448.  again--Calamine and Prednisone

449.  lazy rivers and water slides

450.  Brighton’s TRUE enthusiasm about summer reading programs~ ha!  Who knew?

451. Julia’s room, one trash bag lighter

452.  sitting through “church” service

453.  long, lazy conversations and homemade ice cream~ caramel

454.  B’s sweet nothings

455.  their heartfelt questions about their stories

456.  summer

457.  and stuffed animals


Jenn @ Spejory said...

I have a boy like that. From birth he could never be alone, always needing warm bodies around him. This is such a beautiful post, and a lovely blog : )

Sarah said...

What is Brighton reading? Maybe my boys would read it!!!