Thursday, December 31, 2015

Pericope No. 15 Fall to Christmas 2015

Since I am back posting this, very few, if any people will read this-- so my sweet family, Jeff, Julia and Brighton, this particular school year was not a good year for me.  I am grateful to go back and look at the pictures and see some fun was had and love was shared but it was full of struggle.  You kids threw me for a loop SEVERAL times-- left me scratching my head, crying into Jeff’s shoulder and praying to the Lord Almighty.  And sweet Brighton-- and sweet you are-- no matter how aggravated I get-- you are tender to the core-- you about put me under this particular school year.  It wasn’t all your fault-- I am plenty to blame-- and we are both forgiven.  It was just a “push/pull” all year....  I can write more about that later.  Anyway, I am praying the good memories will outweigh the bad ones.  With me trying to just be nice and survive, I didn’t write much or even post pictures.  So here is a summary of about 6 months.

It was NOT 131 degrees, but oh man, it felt like it.  It was a hot summer-- and it seemed to last until Christmas... with not much of a winter at all.

We ended the summer-- I think this is Labor Day-- and we paid the pool to stay open a little longer. True story.  We even helped the clean up and close the place down.

Kids were in bed-- lights had been out for a while and we woke them up for an ice cream run.  And maybe my favorite part was when Em heard the commotion she came out just like we had called her too!

We got to celebrate one of my favorite people-- Remey.  She was pregnant with her first baby.

Sheer determination right here, folks.  He does almost everything with GUSTO.

My mom got pneumonia so I got an extra trip to Soperton in the fall.  The BLESSING of this pneumonia was they found breast cancer -again- in her lung.  It was EARLY detection and the chemo so far is very effective.

Rare picnic during the school day-- B makes these kinds of things happen.  These are good pushes.

Supporting our friends at CLPS

We had a football season with the Y-- playing with kids from Southwest Christian and All Saints.  My favorite part was watching Jeff help coach.

If you can’t find my son on the sidelines, look for the one standing like this-- or patting someone on the back. : )

Playing with this friend made it a whole lot more fun-- and for me because I got to sit with his mom and compare parenting adventures and nightmares.

Altar picture at the State Fair 2015.  We chose well, sweet Julia.  The Lord has a clear plan for your life.  We love you so much.

B honing his fair skills like his daddy-- winning prizes for the girls. ; )

Just a bit of normalcy always makes my heart happy.  

School program-- he managed to make his debut in rap right here.  

And baby Graham came-- healthy and strong.  Kollin is almost as special to us as Remey is.  He is one fine young man.  We couldn’t have picked anyone better for Remey-- we love you.

Kids meeting Graham for the first time-- Remey is ALWAYS such a trooper-- laid back and hardly ever ruffled.  It makes her a really great mom.

We also had another special new baby--- EVERLY.  Nikki and Jeff-- wow.  You are rocking this whole parenting thing.  Teenager and toddler in the house.

And this handsome guy turned 12-- and like always, invited such an eclectic group of boys.  I love this about him.

And could this be your last birthday you received a stuffed animal?!

Neighborhood Halloween

This was the first time I heard you poke fun at yourself--- “my zebra dress, my elephant ears, my giraffe neck- I’m just a regular safari."

Mom and Dad came to Christmas shop-- and wonder if there was something wrong with their grandson.

Mother/Daughter Retreat 2015-- always such a fun time with these “old” friends!

Love these women-- and look-- little Everly joined us.

These two-- B is invited-- always get the turkey ready for Thanksgiving.

Our table always looks different-- who is surrounding it on Thanksgiving.  Wilsons were out of town this year so we got to have Paulette who entertained us all with some pretty incredible stories.

Looked like a blanket of cloud was about to drape over us

Julia gets to add “cow” to her ballet resume.  This is her splendid hitch kick as the front of the cow. ; )

Hallelujah Angels in the Nativity scene

Christmas 2015-- gingerbread house time

Tarrant NET dinner

Candy making night

After school fun

Our Christmas here-- before we leave for Georgia


There is a story.  We never got a picture without it being silly.

Jeff and his mom-- what a sweet picture.  

How many Sanders can you fit into one kitchen?

Saying goodbye to 2015 and hello to 2016...... another summary to come.