Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Repairing What Matters Most

A couple of months ago, we became the owners of an “in need of refurbishing" upright piano.  When it was delivered, it wasn’t fully repaired, thus not tuned, so as the kids played it, keys would fall and Brighton would find notes that sounded the same {D and E flat were identical and so on} hindering his fun in plucking out the latest tune filling his head.  Something on the inside was deteriorating and other things were just out of whack.  The company we purchased it from has made several trips to our side of town to make it perform and sound like.... well, a piano.  

At least twice, the young men who have worked on the piano have found new problems on the old piece.  The last time they came out, they took the whole thing apart and discovered they didn’t have a part they really needed.   They said they could get it and come back the very next day but it actually took more like 5 days.  The picture in the study was disturbing.  The keys were spread out on the hearth.  All the inner workings of the instrument were exposed causing temptation to 7 year old boy hands.  Every time I passed by the room, I saw critical pieces out of place, delicate workings uncovered from protection and absolutely useless where they had been laid.  But then they knew with certainty, our piano was broken.  

It happens to us too, you know.  To families, to churches, to marriages, to friendships and even within ourselves.  Relationships are a blessing, a gift.  We were created to be in fellowship with others.  God created us to love and serve each other in marriage, in families, in churches and in friendships.  In doing this, sometimes critical pieces are knocked out of place, some mechanism breaks down causing some malfunction, some pain.   We knee jerk ~whatever that may look like for you~ and the relationship stops “working”.  What once was lovely and a conduit of pleasure becomes in need of repair on the inside.  And that’s not fun.  The repairing part.  Something inside breaks and whatever caused it needs to be faced.  Hurt hurts.  And we do everything we can NOT to experience it or even acknowledge it.  No need to list all of our dysfunctional ways of protection because each of ours is different.  They don’t work.  Ever.  Facing it means to open it all up, to bare the inside that we so desperately want to keep hidden.  To speak of our inner workings, our most ingrained thought patterns reveals more than we ever dared to bare.  But day after day, year after year, it’s our choice.  And time is not our friend.  Our cover over the disrepair can last for years, but eventually the wear and tear shows itself.   On the outside.  And things as critical as keys on a piano fall.  The picture is always disturbing.   And we have to do something.  

What will that be?

When our piano keys started falling apart, I didn’t call a foodie at Central Market and I certainly didn’t try to open the instrument up and take a look myself.  Ludicrous.  Thankfully, with every new year or different season of marriage, parenting and friendships, I am finding one thing always is the same.  God’s ways work.  Praise the Lord.  They WORK.  So why do I waste so much time thinking or hoping something else will?    When we ask Him for the Truth and seek it, He’s sure to deliver.  

And guess what?  

The Truth sets us FREE!  FREE from all the disrepair.  FREE from all of our wondering and guessing.  FREE from all the hurt that only hurts and bears no fruit.  FREE from the pride that fosters the disrepair.  FREE from all of our coping ways-- the endless downward spiral in which so many of us choose to live.  FREE. 

I like free.  I bet you do too.  

In our lives, when any relationship lies broken, in need of repair, we can choose to cover it and in time, lie in a heap, useless, wasting potential or we can invite Him into the hurt with us and watch His ways work beautifully.  Of course.  As believers, when we finally choose vulnerability compelled by our love for someone or for our desire of healing and dare to open up, we find His Name etched on our hearts, claiming us in all our hurt.  Pull all the coverings off, ask Him to do the fixing and we find His Name imprinted where it means the most.  He was there all the time.  He knows your “then".  He was there.  He knows your “now".  He is here.  

We are His.  I am His.  

And when His work is done, the music is wonderful ~ whether it be Basketball Bounce or Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata.  

Repaired is a lovely sound and a conduit of joy.  

Praise His Name.  

If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples.  Then you will know the Truth and the Truth will set you free.
John 8:31-32


Emily said...

Girl, this will PREACH! A message that I love and need to be reminded of often. Thanks for sharing.

Sarah said...

Beautiful words. Easier to just let the piano sit and look pretty than tear it apart and fix what's broken.

Alyssa said...

I loved the imagery of this metaphor. Been thinking about that "piano" for a week now.

TJ Wilson said...

amen and amen. "Critical pieces out of place, delicate workings uncovered from protection and absolutely useless where they had been laid."
And - love the new header! You can preach AND decorate.

andrea said...

I agree with TJ, you can preach, write and decorate!

Wow, I really needed to read this entry this morning. I have been struggling with forgiveness, since leaving the 6 week visit with my in-laws, and struggling with what I can do to fix the situation instead of handing it over to God.
I definitely needed a reminder of being free and handing this problem over to God.
Thank you for your help in the right direction.
Oh, by the way, can you play the piano? I wish I knew how to play..