Tuesday, October 11, 2011

799.  cancelled practices

800.  that he wants to throw with me

801.  Panera School

802.  Julia’s scary symptoms turning out to be nothing

803.  hearth time

804.  special “news flashes” from Atlanta

805.  the colors of the October sky

806.  Roxaboxen with friends (founded by the Cheek girls-- we missed you!)

807.  Emily~ her help, her company and ANSWERED PRAYERS!!

808.  long, steady rain

809.  airport “arrival” gates

810.  surprises in his suitcase

811.  get well notes from Mrs. Cox

812.  a Monday with no tears

813.  walks after dark

814.  raised windows

815.  reading with Jeff

816.  being repaired


Sarah said...

Love the catch picture!

TJ Wilson said...

I wanna see Roxaboxen! cool stuff.