Tuesday, October 4, 2011

From the Backseat #18 "Promises"

How can just leaving the house be an event?   When I say “event”, I mean time needs to be budgeted for it.  It’s age old, I know, but oh. my.  And I only have two kids.  And they can both walk.  And carry things.  At the same time.  They can open their own door, buckle their own belts and shut, even slam, their car door.  When I call out, “Let’s get in the car!”  it’s like they hear this: “Take your time finishing whatever it is you’re doing and possibly try to fit in one more activity, like painting. Grab an hour’s worth of entertainment for the 10 minute ride and YES, a snack.  Don’t dare grab what you really need, like piano books, baseball bag, sewing machine or even shoes!”   Brighton will walk around ALL day with hair that looks electrocuted but when it’s time to walk out the door, he needs 15 minutes for defusing.  When we leave, something like goo sticks to their backs pulling them back in for one more thing.

On our way out the door last week when I had not scheduled “leaving” as an event {and it had definitely earned the rank}, I had an urgent need for some chocolate.  I told them to buckle up so they couldn’t be pulled back in and ran to my closet {Isn’t that where everyone keeps their chocolate?}.  In a moment of generosity, I grabbed three pieces of Doves which yielded three big smiles and thank you’s from the backseat.

As I was tediously un-foiling mine one-handedly while driving with both hands on the wheel {I would NEVER drive with my knee......... with kids in my car........desperate for chocolate.  Never.}, Julia said, “Let’s read what’s on the wrapper!  I’ll go first.”  After reading some overused fortune cookie line like, “Be your best self”, Brighton reads, slowly, “Dove’s .............. dark .............. chocolate.”  He doesn’t blink.  Julia and I look at each other in the rear view mirror and decide to let it go.  She thinks for a minute and then spouts.

“You know, Mom.  These little sayings are helpful, but God’s word is better.”

Hmmm.....  glad we got that settled.


Alyssa said...

Too cute! I loved being in the back seat with the kiddos on Sunday--getting to hear B spill some of what he's thinking is good for my heart. And p.s., may I have a sip of your water?? :-)

Sarah said...

Yes, the getting into the car. I always plan for at least 15 minutes. Love how that Julia thinks :)

Krista Sanders said...

Bluebonnet-- fat chance. Even for you.
Boy Mom- you should have taught me that years ago!

andrea said...

Love the electric look! and I love the tidbits from the backseat, such wonderful stuff. Julia is wise beyond her years.