Tuesday, October 4, 2011

780.  Jeff’s prayers for the children and for me

781.  brother kisses on sister

782.  sacred things

783.  Truth always coming through in the end

784.  an answer to her prayers

785.  willing friends carrying more than one load

786.  how his eyes squint like mine

787.  a string of happy school days {!!!}

788.  orange

789.  mornings promising fall

790.  her spiral curls, still there, underneath

791.  shadows casting differently with the changing of the season

792.  Father and son awake in the wee hours, talking of the stuff that matters

793.  happy silly girls in the back of our car

794.  monarch fluttering, greeting me at the front door

795.  that she spends her money on books

796.  watching B improve

797.  “arrived safely” texts from Jeff {except they are much funnier than that}

798.  His Promises


Alyssa said...

#786 thru #788 are my favorites, especially if that "orange" refers to BURNT orange. :-)

Sarah said...

Love the squinty eyes pic... and the happy school days. Me too! What is getting into our kids these days??? :)

andrea said...

I get the 'arrived safely' texts too, Greg always texts 'The Eagle has landed'. for some reason it always makes me laugh. Gorgeous picture of Julia as a wee one with those cute pinchable cheeks and I love the mother and son smiling with your eyes picture as well.