Tuesday, October 18, 2011

All That Time

One afternoon last week, the kids and I sat down to read.  We were in between chapter books so I had chosen two wordy picture books I had gotten from the ~glorious~ library.  Henry Aaron’s Dream and Mary and Her Little Lamb.  Yes, one book from Mars, the other from Venus~ or something like that.  After educating B on the great Hank Aaron, we all got the news flash that Mary and her little lamb really existed!  The nursery rhyme is actually a true story.  My preschool teachers were holding out on me.  {Will Moses is the author and illustrator~ delightfully Americana in every way.}  The extra text of Mary’s story took a ride on B’s brain waves.  As we read we discovered that the reason Mary had a lamb to take to school was that its mother “turned her away”.  I know it’s an animal but that instinct always makes me a little sad.  I paused and reminded them that animals were not made in God’s image so a mother lamb acts only out of instinct, not love or hate.  I was about to go on and I heard B on my right shoulder say, “Some Moms do.”  In seconds, I wondered what books we had read or any movie they might have seen that prompted the comment and then I realized.  I turned on the animation, dropped the book, waved my hands for effect, “Whoa, boy.  I am not exactly sure where you are going with that but that ‘s not at ALL what happened to you or Julia.  Not even close.  You both know that.”  I went on repeating things I have said a thousand times before about how much they were/are loved and even though God knew us, their birthmothers didn’t, at first, but as they searched and searched for parents who would love the babies in their wombs deeply and thoroughly, He led them straight to us.  Those precious girls nailed it.

Julia never moved.  She remained molded to my left side.  Content.

Brighton pushed forward and said, “Wait, wait!  I think I get it.  God put me in her tummy and ALL THAT TIME He knew, I’d be your kid???”  “Yes, B”.  “So, okay, I’ve got it.  I was in her tummy, but I’m your kid.”  “Yes, B.  That’s it.  God knew that before any of us did.”  He settled back down on my right side and I felt his cheek swell, grin growing on my shoulder.  We finished the book.  And Brighton had tied up the loose ends on his runaway brain waves.

And just to keep you in the loop on the cutting edge products at your local library..... ; )

Ever checked out CD’s for your kids to listen to only to hear them agonizing verbally from their rooms in the middle of CD #3, just when the plot thickens?  Oh. So. Many. Times.  

No more, I tell you.  They have figured it out.  The new fangled thing is called “Playaway”.

Each unit is an mp3 version of the book.  They come in DVD size cases with a AAA battery for you to use.  Give your kids their favorite headphones and you have frustration FREE listening.  They have chapter books as well.  The picture book playaways have several stories on each unit.

I don’t keep up with much that is cutting edge~ too complicated, but the library, I can handle.


Alyssa said...

I love your take on this. I pray I'm using "All THAT TIME" of mine as well.

nikki said...

just sometime i'd love to beat alyssa to the punch- that girl always gets the first comment- and has the best words!!!
sweet words k, i'll need to check out both of those books!

TJ Wilson said...

who cares about the books - Bright got it (again) that he was created to be a Sanders!!
And the rest of us are putting that on our own gratitude lists. Happy 8th birthday to that amazing, smart, sensitive, brilliant, ADORABLE, good-looking boy.