Tuesday, September 6, 2011

698, 699.........

700.  blue lake totes, full of everything cabin

701.  kids packing for themselves-- and what they choose to bring

702.  all day-- their inside dance of excitement

703.  Phil’s old boat

704.  sun mixing with clouds

705.  bunk beds

706.  waking up together

707.  Jeff’s hymn devotionals

708.  cabin school

709.  sun jewels dancing on the water

710.  kids wearing big laughs

711.  B’s courage on the wakeboard

712.  seeing the last sliver

713.  spider weaving its web (and the time to watch it)

714.  time for RE-reading

715.  sound of boats on the lake from my bed,  reminding me of growing up fun

716.  Rice Krispie treats

717.  friends on the lake

718.  how Julia always wants to find this over where her Daddy sleeps {hint: my maiden name is Dennard}

718.  our identity in Him - talked out and through in our den

719.  that they still love this 

720.  carving out time, carving out life


nikki said...

loved the time that you carved out just for us!!
great post k- i look forward to carving ivory sometime soon!

Alyssa said...

What a fun way to soak up the last of summer! And I love those pics of Gabe and the kids doing school at the lake!