Tuesday, September 13, 2011

721.  calls from Blake

722.  the smell of cool mornings and open windows

723.  a Tuesday

724.  His reminders in the spinning chaos of the pharmacy

725.  pseudo-Starbucks in the quiet part of the day

726.  obstacle courses in the garage

727.  freckles I hadn’t noticed all summer

728.  husband, being invited to hunt, twice

729.  hostess gifts

730.  little girls’ front yard “shows”- begging parents to watch

731.  walks after dark

732.  gifts for which there are no words

733.  field trips

734.  Groupons (!!)

735.  clean kids’ rooms

736.  girl happy to be in curlers

737.  boy happy to be in uniform

738.  online history class with a real live teacher (!!!)

739.  seekers, strangers, His body in my den

740.  laughing from upstairs

741.  having the thought, “Right now, what can I be thankful for?” {not normal}

742.  that she came to us with the reality of her mind and heart


Sarah said...

love that whipped cream made your list of thankfuls... it's about time :) can't believe 70th day of over 100 degree heat didn't...

Alyssa said...

Love the way Julia has her hands folded as she listens to the history teacher online! And that baseball grin of B's is priceless!

Raechelle Ivy said...

Nothing Bundt Cake is amazing!!!! Their white cake and their red velvet is to DIE FOR!!!!!!