Tuesday, November 2, 2010

little things

 I am feeling a little nostalgic today.  It's the kid's fault.  Maybe.  When they were itty, we had a Fun Friday "habit".  If we were in town, I would strap them into their car seats and head to story time at Barnes and Nobles.  We started before Brighton could walk, so with him on my hip and Julia's curls bouncing ahead of me, we would make our way to the "Thousand Acre Woods" in the back of the store and join other Moms in need of a little adult distraction.  Nancy and the other sweet ladies there would serve up Goldfish in little paper cups to toddlers on miniature benches, read a colorful picture book to a rowdy crowd and hand out a toddler-friendly craft, some of which are still framed in our learning room.  Simply fun.

As much as we loved the smell of fresh coffee combined with brand spanking new books, the morning out (there's something very satisfying about putting on make-up before 10 am in that life stage), the Goldfish, and the story, I believe the next phase of our Fun Friday is what brought on the squeals of happy anticipation.  Popcorn and cheese for lunch and SCREEN TIME!!!!  Of course, there is a back story here.  I didn't just randomly come up with that-- it was premeditated and VERY purposeful.  Even five years ago, I had trouble with coming up with lunches.  Popcorn and cheese seemed reasonable to me especially if I placed a big bowl of fruit beside them.  Friday lunch--- check!  And the screen time?  Well, I let them watch, not one, not two, but THREE little shows!  Oh, they were in heaven.  Mesmerized.  Their eyes would be straight ahead with their hands going from bowl to mouth, mouth to bowl.  It was awesome.  I had a whole hour and fifteen minutes to do whatever I wanted!
Every now and then, we have one of our Fun Fridays.  We don't load up for the Barnes and Nobles.  They'd look a little out of place at this point.  We read our own books, get out the popcorn popper and needless to say, watch something other than Miffy, even though I miss that little rabbit.
We were able to do it last week and this still happens- of their own accord.  (I have no idea about the baseball helmet and don't ask me about the sanitary conditions of my cutting board.)

So, today, I am grateful-- grateful that we have the memory of those Fun Fridays and that still it is fun for them.  It's the little things, right?  


Sarah said...

I had forgotten those curls! Sweet memories.

nikki said...

b was so tiny on that countertop!! sweet boy.
still cracking up about the helmet and foot on your cutting board!

Alyssa said...

Love those pics and the new one on the top of your blog!