Tuesday, September 20, 2011

743.  skipping rope

744.  birthday surprises, from home, from across town, from Georgia

745.  kids measuring each other on tippy toes

746.  my sister-in-law, Tricia

747.  “I love seeing your face every morning.” (B)

748.  sleeping an hour later on my birthday and waking up to B picking out “Happy Birthday” on the piano

749.  being celebrated by Jeff

750.  pumpkins

751.  her joy displayed in helping me at home

752.  colors only He could have imagined

753.  friends, willing to enter in

754.  silly under the table hair {school?? this and #757 have nothing to do with the other.....}

755.  young women in my den speaking from their hearts and from the depths to which God has already taken them

756.  time for an evening picnic {in between the stuff}

757.  quiet night after school day tanked

758.  September 19th, One Year Bible reading {reading down memory lane~ Thank You, Father for those Words.}

759.  husband, understanding what I cannot put into words

760.  faking Paris,  for an hour

761.  farm chores {!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!}


Alyssa said...

Faking Paris? I want to know more about that!

Patti said...

I really love the idea of farm chores in the city! I too have had many a prolonged daydream about how incredible it would be if my kids actually had meaningful (energy-consuming) CHORES to do every day before we started on our school "work". My husband has chastised me for idealizing something so removed from our reality. So, I'm going to try implement this ingenious idea! To no dead bugs on the window sills!!

Also, while I loved reading A Severe Mercy, it's definitely NOT helium. It's one of those really heavy gases on the periodic table. Decidedly NOT helium. I still feel a mild ache just thinking about it.