Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Touching My Toes

Last fall, I had the extravagant gift of a couple of solitary days at the beach for my fortieth birthday.  My last morning with my toes in the sand, I was torn between wanting one more day~ sand, sun, quiet all around and feeling my family around me~ kisses, voices, limbs around my neck.  That’s no contest for I’d choose the latter EVERYtime but I couldn’t help but wonder what one more sunrise would bring.  I pulled out my little "40th year journal” a friend gave to me and started writing what I saw, felt and loved about the ocean.  I don’t know what exactly to call it because I am no poet ~ don’t know the rules even if there are any.  It doesn’t rhyme nor does it have a rhythm.

Nevertheless, I can’t wait to get there this weekend.... to hear the constant rumbling and roaring, ebb and flow of something bigger than I can comprehend.  The ocean always puts the idea of “me” in perspective.  A dose of that can never come too often.

The ocean far and stretching
Unreachable yet touching my toes
Inhabitants purposefully created
The invisible and the unapproachable

Its waters familiar and flirting
Yet containing forces, depths unknown
On my skin, salty and sticky
Remnants preserving and refreshing

The ghost crab, shy and hurried
Digging, concealing, and ever dashing
Forever wide eyed, measuring danger
but intentionally, never far from home

The sand, a bather’s nemesis
Or a carefree child’s eternal delight
A dull contrast to the sun speckled sea
Making my gaze all the more glorious

Its shells, bared to scoop, save and study
Holding a wonder of its journey to me
Scattered vintage treasures, displayed
From depths and miles, yet now, in my hand

The giant roars of incessant movement
A tidal body awesome in size, in life
On shore, in my chair, a mere speck I am
Yet Loved ever as the ebbing, the flowing

Today, the sea, a few feet from me
Unreachable yet touching my toes
Tomorrow, a vivid memory to keep
The ocean, far and stretching


TJ Wilson said...

I'd say you're the poet who didn't know it.
"The sand, a bather’s nemesis
Or a carefree child’s eternal delight"
Really - a treasure. Speaks to me.

Alyssa said...

Love your poetry and that you will get to return to the beach in just hours!!