Tuesday, July 26, 2011

591.  kids catching waves, grins riding in front

592.  hushpuppies fried right

593.  kites

594.  kayaks

595.  dolphins

596.  palm trees mingling with pine trees

597.  Southern delicacies-- peach ice cream

598.  jelly fish that don’t sting

599.  them- enjoying each other (how it does a Momma’s heart good)

600.  beach clouds

 St. George- the old bridge

Santa Rosa Beach
601.  that he always looks for my camera

602.  beach at night

603.  sacrificial hospitality-- thanks, Phil and Barbara!

604.  Julie’s way of eating ice cream  (click!)

Our smallest “sundae" lost her cherry...  and wasn’t quite sure what to do about that.
605.  old discoveries new again

606.  hermit crabs

607.  strangers

608.  cousins!!!

St. George Crew 
Santa Rosa Crew
609.  anticipating next year

Leaving St. George


Sarah said...

Lots to be thankful for there. Great pics.

Alyssa said...

Beautiful! Thank you for letting me travel vicariously!

Emily said...

LOVE the pic of the lost cherry. I can just see the wheels turning in her little brain...So cute.

TJ Wilson said...

oh gosh - these pics are amazing! i think the old bridge - next to any of them with sanders kids - is my fav!! wow.