Tuesday, July 19, 2011

564.  morning hair

565.  friends, sisters, cousins having fun (Charlie’s Angels meets the Cat Burglar)

566.  AbeBooks

567.  unexpected dinner guests of the best kind

568.  planning and packing for the summer road trip

569.  company at Panera

570.  friend’s quiet pool

571.  air conditioning

572.  unsolicited affirmation

573.  church musicals

What he spent most of his time doing-- looking around the person in front of him and figuring out what comes next

This gal was made for motions.

574.  first road trip for this for him

575.  news from Margaret, what we always knew

576.  hotel bed at 5 am

577.  RAIN!!!!!!!!!!!

578.  Ken Burns documentaries

579.  hellos from Uncle Blake like no other

580.  Georgia peaches

I LOVE Texas but the peaches just don’t do it for me.

581.  picking up where we left off

582.  blue breaking through

583.  16 year old saying “yes” to building a sand castle

584.  a break from triple digits

585.  starting a new book with my toes in the sand

586.  Nana and Mim and what their containers hold

587.  morning sun on the water

588.  Daddys planning dinners

589.  shucking help

590.  several more days left here


Alyssa said...

How does B ever get his hair untangled??? Love the time you are having and how you are capturing it.

Sarah said...

Can you bring some of those leftover sweets and peaches home?