Tuesday, July 5, 2011

528.  10 happy kids in a back yard swimming pool

529.  wagers for shortest speaker at Scott’s funeral-- and winning!  (the kind of thing Scott would have loved)

Alan kept careful times at the top of his paper.  Jeff was shortest by a long shot.  If  Scott could have done this, he would have been the bookie. 

530.  the ways my kids have fun

531.  emails and texts from Janina

532.  books like The Strong Willed Child

533.  my Mom’s group

534.  Brighton wide eyed, “Mom!! Let me tell you ALL about this book!”

535.  soft tacos with girlfriends

536.  a pastor’s legacy, as told by his son at his Dad’s funeral

537.  weekend swap with children

538.  dates (note ~ plural!!) with Jeff

539.  her 9 year old heart -- what she saw and how she sadly wondered “Why?"

540.  a friend’s trust

541.  seeing posts like this and knowing God is about His business of comforting those I love

542.  parents’ phone call making it from around the world

543.  B’s drive to win

544.  shade

545. a week with no activities!!

545.  freedom

546.  memories

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