Wednesday, June 6, 2012


The official summer start gun went off Monday morning and the kids are in their first week of trying out some new things.  I have not figured out my days yet ~and I don’t think I will ~ so that means, I really don’t know when writing time will come.  For the sweet few of you who check in on Tuesdays, I have thought of you as my posts have been late.... or short, like this one, or non-existent!  I just feel a need to say, my desire is to have pockets of time to write because it helps me so, but with summer, there is no built-in time to do it like there is during our school year. So after getting up early this morning and sputtering through my thoughts on my weakness of being a “fun” mom, I gave up ~depressing~ and will leave you with this link~ one that makes me very happy.

Some of you may have noticed it, but if you haven’t, it’s a list of books that we have read over the years.  I’d love to update it soon~ the look, the list, everything...~ but there is plenty here to keep your kids reading great books all summer.  You will also see a short list of chapter books in the margin of my blog.  {There is some overlap.}  You can sign on the your library’s web page with your library card and the last four digits of your number is your pin.  Request the books you want and then they will notify you when you can pick them up.  It’s usually only a few days, depending if it’s available or not.  You can only reserve ten books per card but it’s so much easier than searching the shelves for that wonderful book!  If when you get there, the book is “too old” for your child, just leave it with the librarian.  No harm, no foul.

Choose books that have amazing art.  The pictures are important because this is what your children are drawn to first.  Think of beauty, interest and adventure when you open up a book.  Could the pictures tell their own stories?  How do they make you feel?  Do the the pictures pull you in or can you see the same type of pictures in the funny papers?  Does it make you as a mom curious?  It will most likely do the same for your kids.

If it has great art, make sure it has an even better story supporting the pictures.  Choose books that model characters and families of which you can be proud.  If your children are younger, when there is a nemesis involved, be sure there is a clear change in the character or that he or she doesn’t come out on top.  You want to choose books that enhance what you are teaching at home, books that paint a vision of a life well lived, a hero worthy of cheers, a family worth having and friends worth pursuing.  Go by Barnes & Nobles, Half Price Books and the Library and get your kids signed up for the summer reading programs or make your own reward system to motivate your kids to read this summer- earning a stop at Sonic, a snow cone, money, a medal {B is ALL about the medal}, screen time, or a date with you.  Whatever your kid’s currency is, use it to motivate him or her.  Have a grand prize for the child who reads the most minutes or books.

Set aside time in the afternoon for EVERYONE {even you} to read and work toward the goals.  Let your kids “wake up” in pj’s while you read a lapful of books to them on the couch.  Make muffins for breakfast and read books and eat breakfast on the couch, or on a blanket on the floor.  Choose one special chapter book to read as a family after dinner that only dad can read aloud.  I have heard of families who act out the chapters after they have read one.  {We’re not that creative.}  Have your children give a recap in dramatic form of what has been read.  {We’re not that motivated.} With your own family “brand", make it memorable.

If you don’t do any other activities this summer, READ!!!!  Books are treasures that tremendously enhance even the best childhood.


Alyssa said...

So fun! I remember the local library's summer reading program; it was a hit every summer! The next time you get a chance, will you post what's in YOUR reading stack? :)

Emily said...

I do always check on Tuesdays, but wait in quiet anticipation knowing that the post will come eventually. Loved seeing the sweet pic of Lily, Brighton and Julia, my Fort Worth kids.

Sandra K. (Hooks) Wade said...

Check out for an additional summer reading option. My children and I are reading through Proverbs together over lunch.

tanya said...

I'm with Alyssa! What's on your reading list? Although, I don't know if anything will ever come close to Wrapped in Rain...