Friday, June 29, 2012

{gifts 1289- 1320}

giggles in the dark

memories the sound of a box fan conjures up

baseball games at the pool

that B asks good questions on the phone

My Utmost for His Highest, everyday

Julia and her ability to express important things in her life

Scotty Smith’s prayers

words of faith and news of God’s good care from Finland

Pastors and the FWISD partnering around literacy!!

25 years of Adventures in Odyssey! {Big Birthday Bash}

husbands encouraging one another, empathizing

that Cantina Laredo still makes mole sauce (moe-lay: not road kill.  I am Southern, just not that Southern.}

this church on the Northside, looking to plant on the Westside

Father’s Day cards

Daddy Daughter Dinner Dance

borrowed dresses {sewn by Annalisa Cheek}

Kid’s Kamp {only if for a couple of days!  Thank you, Christ Chapel!}

remembering Scott Walker

that a road trip forces you to be still

family reunions

babies in monogram and ruffles

sleeping in and brunch with Jeff at the Flying Biscuit

cousin sleepovers

seeing ALL of Jeff’s family except Kevin and Michael {We missed you!}

this little honey, our youngest niece, asking me one morning, “Has Uncle Jeff seen me yet??”

getting to be a daughter in this family

that the alternator went out the day BEFORE we left Atlanta

2 mornings of going nowhere

the joy that just the sight of my book stack can bring~whether it all gets read or not!

personal retreats {What a gift. Thank you, Jeff.}

borrowed condos, borrowed BEAUTIFUL condos {Thank you, You Know Who.}


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