Tuesday, June 12, 2012

{gifts 1265-1288}

notes like this after work on Wednesday nights

safe travel for Jeff’s family

Corrine-- you got to the car too fast!  I miss you in this picture!!

Waiting for Uncle Phil to take off


history to share

trailer food in Fort Worth! {this one- -between the Northside and Sundance Square}

a perfect June day

pointe shoes

that she has a daddy that says the money is worth seeing her in her pointe shoes

a sitter who plays tag outside {Addie, you are awesome!}

B’s attitude about my terrible pitching-- kisses and thanks {wiffle balls don’t fly right!}

playing in the rain

seeing this outside

the pool!

B’s summer freckles

a flamenco dancer in my kitchen

a rainy day just when I needed it

friends around my table

the cheap produce of summer!!!

that he asked to do Theory Camp {even though it was all about the ribbons}

yum from home

the lake!

first swim meet

his little shape

her determination

that He is in control of ALL of the chaos


Emily said...

Okay, I'm seriously jealous of all of the food in this post, first the food truck then the cherries. Jealous jealous jealous. Looks like a full and fun summer.

Sarah said...

I'm still getting over that note from Julia. Can she PLEASE come live with me? PLEASE. I could use a little Julia in my life :)

And those shoes. How is she doing that? That is beyond me.