Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Home.  I see it differently every time I visit.  It’s a beautiful place all in its own South Georgia way.  Afternoon shadows seem longer because of the tall steady pines.  Gardens need to be picked and on a really good day, you can get wet in the sprinkler in the same trip.  Empty green space woos you to just sit awhile and read.  Julia, of course, was the only one who listened.  If you know where to look, Catawba worms can be found for fishing bait and in the right patch of sunlight, blackberries can be picked so cobblers can be made.  And eaten.  And the bowl licked clean.  {Thank you, Hunter. You made it easy to wash.}

And a preview of some really fun photos we made........  more next time!

My niece, Hunter, that I am more and more proud of every time I get to spend time with her
{Hunter, you are a sweet cousin to Julia.  We LOVE you.}

This little love had a ball “making pictures” with the big girls. 
 {Julia, your heart makes me proud.}

{Brighton did make this trip with us, but he wasn’t still long enough for many pictures.  Wherever RJ was, Brighton was either ON him, squished up next to him or right behind him.  He didn’t have time for many of mom’s pictures.  We’ll make up for it next time. And Julia really did take more than one set of clothes!}


Emily said...

LOVE the horse photos. Sounds like it's a nice little town, a little like Radiator Springs.

Sarah said...

Lovely. Can't wait to see more chair pictures :)

Krista Sanders said...

Em- B was sure to tell my Daddy Soperton was like Radiator Springs. He got a kick out of that.
S- can't wait to show you. Most fun I had except maybe for eating fresh corn ;)

andrea said...

Wow! I want to make a trip home with you guys! Looks amazing! Seeing Julia with the green beans takes me back to helping my Memo shell peas. I thought it was cool having green nails afterwards. Then I see Mr. B with those caterpillars in his hands and I think back to the ones I would 'squish' on my Memo's dill plants and they had green goo and smelled like was a LONG time before I could eat dill and not think of that goo and smell. Lovely times going back to paradise like that!? How did God keep you in Texas?!!! You are faithful!! :-)

hugs from Finland

TJ Wilson said...

Love the pics! A sweet tribute to a sweet trip home!