Tuesday, May 15, 2012

{gifts 1214-1232}

that she asks me those embarrassing questions

RJ and Hunter’s texts to Julia

that I have friends who do great research.. and pass it on to me

yummy lunch on Magnolia with Alyssa, my grace friend

4 hour dress rehearsal with Jessica

the way Jeff celebrates~ Thank You.

gift of Saturday

by myself at the Kimbell

Salsa Fuego

Breakfast in bed

a gift from Em and her note

cards covered in their handwriting, their drawings

gift from Julia, made by her friend, Isabella

my ballerina

Sara’s words, the blessing and the release

that Mom is doing so well post surgery

last days of school

learning from my mistakes


Sarah said...

I want more ballerina pictures so I can live vicariously please. J looks so very graceful!

Cora from Hidden Riches said...

the last on your list -- learning from my mistakes -- kind of covers everything, doesn't it? Sometimes I feel my whole life is one big mistake -- relationships, choices, words, etc. Yet, we learn, we pick up the pieces and start over, and we try again -- and it's a little better this time. Loved the ballerina picture. Just beautiful!!!!