Tuesday, May 1, 2012

gifts {1183-1198}

the stuffed animal in his bat bag for a really sad friend

women gathered in hopes of improving literacy in our schools

having Ash Walker on my hip (link)

night at home

the Kimball’s student programs

the lovely paintings we still get to see

homemade K-cups {Yes, he did.}

that my kids appreciate and get excited about a library sale

$0.69 cones!

eating around the Kelley table

being a part of friend’s 25 years of pastoring one church and celebrating their long faithfulness there

for the couple who secretly picked up the lunch bill

that there is such a thing as a fake hair bun

how God brings back sweet memories { a little boy just walked passed my table doing just this}

friend’s prayers answered

laughing out loud with B

1 comment:

TJ Wilson said...

Totally remember bright with his arms- not hands- but arms full of toys. He does nothing half way!