Tuesday, February 7, 2012

{gifts 1091-1108}

You’ve Got Mail-- that WE like it and it makes us laugh after the umpteenth time

kids getting their work done

their excitement about a mini road trip with daddy

Craig’s List

Hey Cupcake! cupcakes

nephew’s first three college baseball games- that he got in every game and did his job!

$35 chair in the back

doing crafts at Sarah’s!

that Kathie and I can pick up where we left off

transparency of brothers and sisters in our den- you bless me


Jeff, at tuck-in time, with 4 newly laundered and newly purchased {BY B} Goodwill stuffed animals under his arm and mouth medicine in his pocket for J~ real Dad stuff

Fort Worth with the added bonus of Dallas 30 minutes away

being invited

that I didn’t get upset about this when I came back to see their grammar work

celebrating Jeff

His Word and how if fills all that is empty about us


glorygirl said...

Love the hearth time! What a great idea! Going to have to try that. Thanks for sharing it with us! May God bless you this week with many more beautiful gifts!

Sarah said...

Love the white you picked for your banner! Looks so pretty.