Tuesday, February 21, 2012

{gifts 1128- 1045}

hope that comes with a brand new morning

that I called Julia “Julia Sue” last week without thinking  {my grandmother’s full name}

podcasts with Biblical teaching that make a difference

that both kids were really just fine

Erin, willing to stay

The Cheeks and Andersons making room in their nests for my peeps

time with just Jeff

trailer food

friends remaining faithful to the call in San Antonio

missed accident

kids who know when their Daddy says, “get the house ready” , know what to do

that I can watch my nephew play baseball online

friend wrapped up in my Grandmother Julia’s shawl

George Mueller’s life and testimony {Thank you, Jessica, for the book!}

“Museum Week” for us {for me, a lot less school}

Em, always willing to sit and pet Gabe

that Nehemias got the EXACT gift that Brighton requested~ a teddy bear

the ordinary making room for the extraordinary


nikki said...

your peeps are a sweet addition to our nest!

Greg Elphinston said...

I see that you have posted over 1000 small things to be thankful for. Have you noticed a difference in your mindset, since searching and noticing the small yet wonderful daily things that God blesses us with? I checked out your first blog that started it all, then on to amazon to almost buy the book then I saw 1 woman's comment that was pushed to the highest rating where she said it was very poetic and that she was getting very lost in what she needed to do exactly. Then the things you quoted out of the book seemed to be very easy to understand. your thoughts???