Tuesday, February 28, 2012

{gifts 1046- 1060}

that she forgave me

these dates

his all-boy declaration at Target

that Joshua’s surgery went well

that she didn’t hear how preposterous what the crazy man said was

Brighton, eager to tell his story of trusting Christ as his Savior

Father/Son weekend

that B was brave, “showed a little grit” as Jeff said

free time with Julia

movies like this

projects like this

Sunday mornings in our den- new faces and faces we’ve grown to love

sifted through and thinned out kids’ rooms

hugs in hallways

marvelous Mondays... because the kids made the choice

the freedom and ease of Museum Week


Sarah said...

Love the pic of Jeff and Julia Seriously, she's just a beautiful girl!

andrea said...

so lovely! I also enjoyed seeing the picture of daddy and daugther. I also can't wait for my/our playdough fun to not turn into dinner. I am not sure why Isabel eats playdough but she does and even with my promising it will go in the trash if she licks it or eats it she can't help herself. ugh! drives me crazy