Tuesday, February 14, 2012

{gifts 1109-1127}

hard working techs

happiness ice cream sundaes brings

Tony Evans’ gift of illuminating Scripture with every day occurrences

the nuclear powered Susan Blackmon

people who filled their tables

principals like her


Valentine’s Parties

tree swings

mopped floors

toes tucked under

May Michael and Sophie

watching snow fall

handmade Valentines, the lovely.....the cute.... and the quick

{never mind he made it out of a left over invitation while I turned around to get the cereal and my candy was from his HALLOWEEN stash}

Blue Bonnet Bakery boxes from Papa

prayers from near and far

that there was an opening at 2

answering knocks on the door and finding these sweet people with yummy caramel

February 14th, 1992 ~ that he asked

the healing and sanctification possible in marriage when God’s love is poured out lavishly through two people
{May it ever be.}


glorygirl said...

Loved hearing your love story! Thanks for sharing it with us! May your week be filled with even more sweet love notes from the Lord!

Sarah said...

That marriage and sanctification thing... why didn't anyone tell us about that :)