Wednesday, August 3, 2011

St. George 2011

(Warning:  The next foot or two or ten on your screen is like being cornered twenty years ago by someone who just put their vacation photo album together.)

You were warned.

Props were handy this year as we took the picture right by our boardwalk where we leave all of our beach “accessories” every afternoon.  I think my favorite is RJ’s beach ball tummy!

We all got to try the paddle board this year-- thanks, Hunter!- and it was fun but the most fun thing about it was watching RJ fall off at every attempt of standing up.

I had to be snapping fast because this didn’t hold up long, but it sure was fun to watch!

These guys get up at.....

this hour (Thanks, Bill for this GREAT photo!) to come back with...

these kinds of fish for dinner.  (Minus one iPhone left on the bottom of the Gulf)

In Apalachicola, at one of THESE places-- you have not LIVED until you shop with Brighton Sanders.

B’s first words when we walked up, "Hey, Mom, they repainted the place and fixed the broken shutter on top.”  ???  I asked the owner and he was right.  
Here is a peek inside this wonderful store.

The children’s department!

Purchasing Two Bad Ants

I love these floors!

I left this dark because I liked the silouhette.  I could almost say that’s me and you almost might believe me.  Wow, Hunter.

I had not been adventuresome enough to get out in the kayak-- actually my book was too good to put down-- but this particular morning when I saw the dolphins coming by I ran, pulled the kayak in the water and started paddling.

I found myself back paddling at times unsure of how close I wanted to get.  Sitting that low made me feel vulnerable.  Other than their startling puff of breath, it was extremely quiet at this depth.  So the next picture is all I could do to express a scream of excitement!  I even got to see a baby.

The next morning they came in even closer so Hunter and Brighton hopped in and paddled out.  More and more dolphins surfaced and put on a show.  If you can’t tell, Brighton is snug as a bug against Hunter.  “A little tense”  Hunter said.

There were harmless spherical jellyfish around this depth and the dolphins were actually playing with them and then eating them.

And here are my favorites of the kids...

Two different games going here-- “older folk” and “middle folk” Hand and Foot

Thanks again, Mom and Dad for this week in this house on this beach.  Good stuff happens there.


Emily said...

Did not feel trapped...Felt like I wanted to see more! So glad someone caught you with the dolphins. So GREAT!

Sarah said...

Looks wonderful. That last picture must be framed!

Freckled Pink said...

Beautiful!!! Your kids are so beautiful! Looks like another amazing vacation for you all!

amanda said...

What beautiful pictures. And that bookstore ... it's so cute and nostalgic looking!

Alyssa said...

So fun to come home, hook up to the internet, and find this post that I look for every year, just like the J&B birthday posts. I love virtually traveling with you through your incredible photos!

Summer said...

Beautiful!! Beach vacations are the best!