Tuesday, August 9, 2011

626.  flowers from Jeff

627.  kids who think I am great anyway

628.  Rachel- so grateful for girls like this one who love Jesus WAY more than she loves my kids

629.  pharmacy remodel after 15 years

630.  the truth spoken in love in order to change my life

631.  heart words from son to father a thousand miles away

632.  Grandmother homes left in the family

633.  easy to follow curriculum

634.  phone calls from home

635.  Sabbath dinners without me

636.  Sonic Ice

637.  blank slithers on the daily calendar

638.  Jessica, my friend who thinks to ask God for everything

639.  patience from a gen-X-er

640.  Chinese food when you are really really hungry

641.  Julia’s welcome to me- candles lit in every room

642.  brother-in-laws

643.  wedding anniversaries~ theirs and mine

644.  time to dive into all things school

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