Monday, August 15, 2011

645.  an atmosphere of grace

646.  sweet notes from Julia found after work, found in my suitcase

647.  Brighton’s strict schedules of hugs and kisses

With his road trip and bedtime buddies-- they get lots of love...

648.  evidence of heart investment in my children by the sitter

649.  rain-- the anticipation, the skies, the smell

650.  lovely rooms, gracious waiters for big occasions

651.  being treasured

652.  powerful, dig in your heart, movies

653.  grown granddaughter holding tightly to her grandmother’s hand

654.  cupcakes

655.  B’s thoughts on Aslan

656.  church families

657.  impromptu lesson on my camera from someone who knows

658.  new parents with their babies

659.  everyone in their right bed, everyone home, including Em

660.  fun with my children

661.  drawer full of new school supplies

662.  pantries
{If the kitchen is the heart of the home, the pantry is the heart of the kitchen.  Good things come from there.}


Alyssa said...

Glad you got to partake of the goodness known as Sprinkles! Next time, hopefully you'll get in on the freebie!

Emily said...

659. I think we're both pretty thankful for that one. So happy to be in this home!

Nacole said...

hi Krista,
im here from Ann's--still reading the lists this week--trying to read them all but it will take me awhile

loved the post today--very special. this was my fav: 647. Brighton’s strict schedules of hugs and kisses
because i know how much us mommies need love