Tuesday, August 23, 2011

663.   prayer retreat for Jeff

664.  long pool day with friends and great conversations, knowing it’s one of the last

665.  kids’ excitement over company

666.  lake day with Brad

667.  setting five places around our family table

668.  sharing a meal with people of faith, being certain of what they do not see

669.  buttered and toasted pound cake, another Southern delicacy {at my house anyway}

670.  sitting close by Janina on our couch and hearing her stories of God

671.  watching her love spill out on my children

672.  grace going as long as the conversations

673.  communion

674.  first day of school

675.  uniforms (their choice)

676.  well wishing texts

677.  little can-can dances in my kitchen

678.  no

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