Tuesday, June 28, 2011

515.  hearing phone vibrate in a deep sleep

516.  seeing the body at work functioning beautifully, in the middle of the night

517.  God carrying a brand new widow

518.  grieving with those who grieve

519.  friends not having time, but MAKING time to be together

520.  friends in ministry, the best kind of friends

521.  4 year old’s freedom with those they adore, even lying still in a casket

522.  borrowed blazers

523.  men not ashamed to speak their love and admiration for a truly great man

524.  Jeff having the privilege of being a part of the services

525.  the blessing of spiritual community

526.  Janina, praising her Savior, all the day long

527.  calling Scott Templeton Walker my friend

1 comment:

nikki said...

oh k....this is beautiful. you perfectly captured the depth and passion that scott lived for- his treasure resided higher than this earth, and i find comfort knowing that his body joined the place his heart existed.