Tuesday, June 7, 2011

458.  Rachel... third summer in a row

459.  Gazpacho

460.  car full with friends

461.  emails from North Carolina

462.  movies that stir the heart

463.  kids’ grins jumping off dock

464.  a pool to swim in lined with friends

465.  rice krispie treats soft from the sun

466.  a date with Jeff

467.  pictures from my Daddy’s phone of three of my favorite men (RJ, did I just call you a man??)

468.  trip anticipation

469.  birthday lunches

470.  laughter from the bedroom

471.  bedside fireflies

472.  kids who can “hang” with meetings

473.  puppet shows in my den

474.  chromosomes


Deborah said...

Joining you from multitudes on Mondays. What a sweet list and post today. # 474 is a wonderful blessing. Thanks for sharing.

TJ Wilson said...

I, too, am grateful for #459. Beautiful hospitality, Beth!