Wednesday, June 15, 2011

475.  the blessing of “permission" to leave home

476.  stewardesses that repeat themselves- twice {equals getting off the wrong airplane and on the right airplane}

477.  small airports

478.  serenading stewardess

479.  pita chips and ginger ale

480.  Soperton hospitality transplanted in North Carolina

481.  childhood friends........and their beautiful children

482.  Paula, running for my Momma

483.  deer, still at dusk

484.  warm pound cake at bedtime

485.  Jesus lovin’ country girl with a violin

486.  gal named Christa whose lyrics and melodies captivate

487.  quiet farmer’s wife from Canada who who writes and speaks words to ponder

488.  experiencing it with her

489.  voices and instruments by the lake

490.  a friend who can carry the conversation when I cannot

491.  sore stomach muscles from laughing

492.  Dramamine {my new best recommendation}

493.  son in my lap before I knew the car door had opened

494.  daughter lighting all candles to welcome me home

495. “[His writing] my story into His song, my life for the glory of God

{I still find myself a bit muddled in my thoughts about the weekend-- and days pass without time to clear them.  Soon, I hope, I can “frame the clouds” moving and morphing through fingers and keys.)

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