Monday, June 20, 2011

496.  9 year old girls play acting great original stories

497.  first molar missing - team work

498.  Carload of excited girls

499.  prayed for conversation finally happening

500.  Camp Calico

501.  carpools

502.  mexican with B

503.  Brighton stories from other people

504.  her list

505.  a boat

506.  friends who will do this with my kids

507.  talking with Daddy

508.  ministry friends who have blessed us more than they will ever know (Austin, TX, I am so jealous!)

509.  mole sauce for my enchiladas

510.  time for this

511.  letters to Dannesy

512.  baseball camp enthusiasm!  Everyday.

513. Daddys and daughters dancing

514.  being made a “maker”

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