Tuesday, April 26, 2011

356.  packages in the mail

357.  tender hearted children

358.  my Mom’s group who inspires me with their care for one another, by their desire to be challenged and stretched and for their pursuit of Christ and His ways

359.  home spun fashion shows for 4

360.  boy excitement over new book to read

361.  finding just what I needed

362.  handwritten notes from family to Brighton (thank you for the treasures and making a big deal out of big deal things)

363.  Jesus’ willingness to do for me what I could not

364.  Tenebrae service

365.  songs about the cross

366.  children anticipating an empty tomb (and Easter baskets- just keeping it honest)

367.  winks, smiles and prayers when I am shaking fear in my flip flops

368.  getting to do this

369.  Easter pictures-- old and new

370.  children making memories

371.  Passion plays directed by Daboo, performed by some of my favorite kids

372.  mixing old friends and new

373.  consistent question from my husband, “What do you want to do tonight?”

374.  having a story to tell

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