Tuesday, April 19, 2011

337.  Last ten math lessons  (!!!!!!!!!!!)

338.  the Jesus Storybook Bible

339.  B getting the game ball Monday night (and opportunities for sliding)*

340.  scholarship choices for my nephew

341.  tired van unloading, finally, sister, brother-in-law and cousins

342.  having a three year old in my house

343.  jellybeans

344.  cousin slumber parties

345.  portable baptistry in our garage

346.  friends and family mixing over Mexican food

347.  little boys comparing sketch books

348.  bowed head of children

349.  phone date with nephew

350.  children waving palm branches- Hosanna!

351.  movie night filling up our den

352.  naps for three

353.  baptisms in the garden

354.  friends who came

355.  kisses on the hand

(this sweet picture is worth posting twice-- showing the tender heart of this child)

* Game ball-  TJ was the first person he wanted to show-- not sure how I feel about that-- ha! and I realized that 2 weeks in a row I thanked God for base hits.  Tone it down a little?  Maybe. 


Anonymous said...

This is beautiful! Love the garden baptism. Thank you for sharing this! It's been a treasure as each of our children have accepted Jesus. An eternal treasure!

Alyssa said...

Sweet, sweet picture of Jeff and B. What a tender moment between them.

Sarah said...

So covering the last 10 math lessons part. Love that kiss!!

Leah said...

Loved your list ... especially the bowed heads of the children praying and the kiss on the hand! :)

TJ Wilson said...

tone down?! whaaat?? love all the pics. such sweet moments that make up this life!