Tuesday, April 12, 2011

317.  tears instead of anger

318.  baptism invitations

319.  words-- “drown my transgressions in the sea of Thine own infinite love” John Baille

320.  pretties left for me

321.  teachable young men

322.  BASE HITS-- after a very long slump

323.  that videos can travel from him to Walgreens

324.  her tender heart more important than broken vase on bricks

325.  Zone Bar in my purse

326.  a boy who loves to draw

327.  friend’s feet under my table

328.  Mexican food ON my table

329.  multi-family FUN

330.  Mommas sprinting

331.  friends across tables from Mississippi and Finland

332.  The Kimbell classes

333.  Nanna money

334.  making ourselves at home on Mrs. Cox’s den floor

335.  her handiwork

336.  sleep


Alyssa said...

Julia did a fantastic job on this year's dress; it is beautiful and will look perfect on her!

Sarah said...

I am a fan of Mexican food on your table too!

nikki said...

oh k, such good words...thoughts....pictures. wow.