Tuesday, April 5, 2011

301.  morning walk

302.  school by sunlight

303.  electricity!

304.  BASE HITS!!!! (after a very long slump- and Blake, don’t comment on his form here)

305.  overnight bags packed for two

306.  tiramisu

307.  two reading in chair for one

308.  hearing stranger’s stories, God allowing hurts to surface

309.  words..... “the great and mysterious opportunity of my life” ~ John Baillie

310.  homemade kites, children running happy

311.  fever medication

312.  breeze blowing curtains

313.  quiet car

314.  early spring’s roses

315.  God’s consistency to reward those who earnestly seek Him, as sporadic as my earnest-ness may be

316.  being surprised with a little margin