Saturday, March 19, 2011

Spiritual Parenting-- Certainly a Worthwhile Read

If I were smart enough, motivated enough, and experienced enough this would be the book I would dream about writing.  I don’t normally post on books, but this is the second since Christmas.  I get overwhelmed by all the great books filling the shelves “out there” so whatever comes my way has to be highly recommended by someone I respect (who has actually READ the book!), written by someone I admire from afar or the title/tag line has to grab me by the neck and start shaking me.  This book did the latter.

Michelle Anthony’s words, Biblical ideas and God-shaped philosophy in Spiritual Parenting are for me, my family.  As I read, I find myself thinking, “So THAT’S how I might accomplish that in my family,”  or “THAT’s a model of a way to handle a situation like that.”  I also find myself thinking about how I live out my own faith in front of my children and how critical this is to their spiritual growth.  It’s not just about the kids, it’s about parenting.  Spiritual Parenting.

Others would disagree I am sure, but I find this short paragraph a great preview to what the book is about-- or maybe it’s just my big “take-home” from the book.

“One thing I do not want to do as a parent is just continue to fill my children’s brains with lots of information about Scripture and God, but then not give them opportunities for expression.  As parents, one of our roles is to match the experience of faith and action with the knowledge they are learning.  We need to be intentional about this.  We will always fight the temptation to make our children into cognitive Christians.”

If we could make that a reality in our home before Julia and Brighton leave it, we would have the party of the century celebrating God’s power in our weakness.

If you’ve been looking for a parenting book that is as practical as it is inspiring, get this one.  You won’t be disappointed.

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Summer Jones said...

Just ordered my copy. Thanks for sharing!