Tuesday, March 8, 2011

223.  plane tickets to Georgia

224.  8 months lost key found

225.  Jeff’s calls or texts that say “Need anything from ____________?”

226.  breakfast with one sister I don’t see near enough

227.  son’s prayers for me before work

228.  my hand me down camera

229.  children’s laughter carrying through the windows to my quiet place

230.  leftovers

231.  humility personified in my front seat teaching me what true friendship looks like

232.  clothing swaps

233.  hush-hush frozen yogurt with Julia

234.  having pastor and wife from our first year of marriage around our dining room table

235.  the text that saved me a fit of embarrassment

236.  roller skates and Daddy

237.  hymn humming children

238.  Italian food-- al fresco

239.  B’s reaction (aka- string of questions, thoughts) to first chapter book to read in bed at night

240.  smell of kid’s skin after rowdy sunshine play

241.  curve balls that yield dependence

242.  small cleats

243.  staccato “B-I-N-G-O” on the piano

244.  sister referring to him as “our B”

245.  excitement manifesting like this

246.  and boyness like this


Alyssa said...

Too many good ones in this bunch to choose a favorite! I laughed hard at that picture of B!

TJ Wilson said...

agh! love the last pic! and all those numbered items...

Sarah said...

Those Royals are going down! (probably not!)
I, too, love the boyness!