Tuesday, March 29, 2011

From the Backseat #16 Faith

To my delight or demise, their words fly freely in the backseat.  Their banter puts my brain in overdrive so sometimes, if all the cosmic spark plugs are perfectly aligned, I can tune the verbiage out.  Don’t be horrified.  You do it too.  It’s instinctive Momma survival.  You may not even realize you do it.  I am sure I’ve missed some eloquent, witty, or clever words (I've heard ALL the mean ones..) over the months, and sometimes knowing that makes me sad, but most of the time, I am grateful I had a few moments of pseudo-silence.

A little back story-- Since January, we have been gathering leadership for a new church in Fort Worth.  We have been meeting on Sunday mornings in the indoor facilities at the Botanic Gardens. We normally park in a rather empty parking lot because we get there pretty early to set up.  About every other week, Brighton makes a comment on the cars and how he wishes there were more there.  I usually say something like, “Oh, B, we are early.  No one is here yet.”  Regardless of how many cars wind up in the lot, the kids have been such a big help and always add to the excitement of what the Lord is doing each week.  Thankfully, their enthusiasm is contagious, because this is a in your 20’s job, not a 40’s job!

The Friday of spring break, we experienced our first production of the Fort Worth Children’s Opera (loved it!) and headed to the Botanic Gardens to do a “nature challenge” (see below).  As we pulled into the same lot we do every Sunday morning, Jeff and I were scoping out places to park. It was one of those gorgeous, turquoise sky days and the gardens had enticed many out.  After driving around a minute or two, we parked.

As we got out of the car, Brighton piped up, body and voice,

“THIS is what I am TALKING about!!!!  THIS is what I want the parking lot to look like on SUNDAY morning!!  LOOK at all these cars!  THIS is IT!!”

My friend, Elaine, told me about  Texas Nature Challenge.  Check it out.  Good stuff!

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Alyssa said...

B's prayer for a full parking lot is mine as well. It will be worth the wait as God brings just the right people to make up our core group. Looking forward to celebrating when it happens!