Tuesday, March 29, 2011

281. being where I can see this

282. house clean smell

283. a grandmother next to me, texting slowly........ grinning

284. Japanese red maple blazing outside my kitchen window

285. Julia referring to things in Soperton as “ours”- “You know, Brighton, we have one of those out in the barn.”

286. B’s thrill at “those old composers in my keyboard!!!”

287. XS baseball pants

288. avocados

289. Daddy dates and the "magic of Macy's"

290. spinning drunk kids on their feet, on the floor

291. kneeling with a friend to pray

292. drive in with friends and a shopping bag full of popcorn popped by Isabella

293. soap smell of boy -still- on my lap

294. new mercies EVERY morning

295.  friend's of friends who came

296. the gospel told in shiny, colorful fabrics

297. unexpected cold and the welcome surprise of sleeping bags in the car

298. a fire in the fireplace when I thought there would be no more

299. Moms choosing to be transparent, choosing to love and widen the circle

300. words of faith from children