Monday, August 24, 2015

Ready or Not

I wasn’t ready.  But I never am.  School started Wednesday and we “summered” as long as we possibly could.  We left for our National Park tour the day after school and we stayed long at the pool the day before school started.  Not long enough, but long.  I didn’t want to unload the pool bag for good or put the rolling cooler back in the garage.  I wasn’t ready.  Oh, we had everything we needed to start school Wednesday and there were parts of me that were ready, but the schedule keeper part of me was not ready.  And I like structure.  I just like being the one who creates the structure.  Ha.

If you are still checking in with me here from time to time, you are getting bored-- just like me.  These last few months-- or maybe couple of years-- I am just keeping up with pictures.  That how it seems and this post is no different.  I always hope-- EVERY WEEK-- that I get to write... SOMETHING.  Posting pictures is great and I am thankful they make into the annual blog book but it’s not therapeutic like actual writing is.  But here I go, documenting summer 2015.  Good stuff, hard stuff happens in between and for now the “between” won’t get any words.

The countdown to the beach was longer than ever this year because we didn’t go until August.  Of course, it was worth the wait.

As soon as we returned from the National Park trip, Julia helped her friends with “Camp Joy”-- a very small camp for younger girls.  They plan for it all year long.

Who wouldn’t want these sweet girls for camp counselors?!?

Adam is in our Foundation Group {newlyweds' discipleship group} and plays in the band Songbird Jones.  We met our whole group at Central Market for a fun night except for when the Foodie who had to come out to the patio and ask who the parents were of the BOYS running around the store.  Ooops.

Thank you, Craig’s List.  It fit him perfectly.

The lake water was extra muddy because of all the rain and flooding but it swam just fine. ; )

We had to go to Possum Kingdom Lake this particular weekend because Eagle Mountain was TOO FULL.  They had a Treasure Hunt around the lake that day and B won a lovely beach towel....

We celebrated this girl all day from Chick-Fil-A biscuits, Starbucks, crazy lake trip {dead battery- but what’s a trip to the lake without boat drama?} and dinner.  We LOVE HER!!!!!!!

“Momma, I want biscuits for breakfast.”  Thus, Biscuit Making 101.

Concert in the Garden-- Journey.  Perfect night. Happy kids.  Glad we have the memory.

I get a lot of this on my photo feed.  I think a lot of parents do.  They usually make me chuckle and I think that’s worth it.  There is NOT enough funny around.

These boys got a week at Don Eddy’s basketball day camp.  This week makes me so happy because they are dog tired by 5.  It’s GOOD for boys to be dog tired.

Of all the blessing of the summers, this is one of the biggest ones.  Seriously.  The friends we have at the Ridglea Pool makes me so. stinking. happy.  This was definitely a favorite night when the husbands came after work and we closed it down.  Next year, I am getting a picture of all of the moms-- cream of the crop, people.  Seriously.  Blessed to be in their company.

We got to go see neighbors doing their thing in Les Miserables.  These two are super talented.

Then the kids were off to session 5 at T-Bar M and Camp Travis.  Neither were too pumped about it and so I wonder-- WHY DO WE SEND THEM?  It’s good for them and I knew once they got into it, they’d love it.  Again.

This guy-- Johnny Polk-- found both of my kids and took these last two pictures and texted them to me MAKING MY DAY.  It was so good and reassuring to see them so happy.

Our “Jona-anna” as B used to call her.  Joanna with her husband, Nathan, are raising a beautiful family close to where the kids were at camp so we got to have dinner with them and ENJOY her precious kids.  This gal is special-- babysitter turned friend.

Pick up day at T-Bar M and Camp Travis.  B has a harder time leaving his counselors-- he’s torn because he knows he’s supposed to be happy to see us but then he’s sad to leave everyone too.  More than an 11 year old boy can process.

Julia had WAY MORE fun this year with these gals.  She had the best cabin-- for sure.  ; )

We drove straight here to celebrate the 4th with friends.

We had trouble taking a selfie with all of our hats on....

Don’t miss Beckett in the back.

Someone in our Foundation Group texted out that Sonic had half price cones-- we promptly visited.

Our first night at the Coyote Drive-In-- homerun, developers.  We loved it.  {Sorry about the “outside” drink-- my Starbucks.  I am a rebel.  In the sweetest kind of way.}

Sanders MULCH Team.  We were 30 for 30.

Proud of her tomatoes from her urban garden

She’s the perfect height for these wings.... in those shoes..... {Daddy-approved-shoes}

Mommas just LOVE it when their kids get all cleaned up.  I am NO exception.

Sunset volleyball with our neighbors.  I would have liked to have done this more than once.  The Gossetts have crazy good volleyball skill.

Another family night at the pool-- those nights are my favorite.

First trip to Burger’s Lake- by way of the Air Force Base.  Google Maps can sometimes make your life more difficult and very embarrassing- especially in a swim suit cover up. Wish I had taken a picture of the officer confiscating my driver’s license.

Julia busy at work trying to fill the freezer with yummy breakfast muffins-- Blueberry Lime was our favorite.

Family Date night-- wrapping up summer

Maybe if we plan a boring summer next year, going back to school won’t be so difficult.  Who thinks that is a good idea?  I’m being silly, I know.  So, let me turn a corner and talk myself out of this.  What am I looking forward to?

I am looking forward to cooler weather-- moving the chairs in front of the fireplace for the fall/winter and enjoying a fire for the first time and the 100th time.  This may be a while-- so, let me think more immediately-- I am looking forward to a little built -in time alone- hopefully time to write, which I have missed immensely.  I am looking forward to women’s Bible study and the privilege of teaching some.  I weighed that heavily with the time change to Wednesday morning and prayed..... coming to the conclusion that studying the Scriptures is one of the BEST ways I can spend my time.  And teaching motivates me like nothing else.  It shouldn’t be that way.  Just telling it like it is.  I studied this summer but with the added dynamic of SHARING it with others in the fall, I will study more intently.

I am curious to see how the kids respond to schoolwork, whether or not I will see more ownership, more responsibility, more diligence with an added year.  I have much hope- every year- for smoother days, for more peaceful days, for more victories in how we respond to each other when things get a little crazy.... We all need Jesus and I want us ALL to see Him at work in us.  I am looking forward to watching B play football-- and seeing his handsome daddy on the sidelines as a line coach.  Just like I miss seeing Jeff in the pulpit, I miss seeing him on the football field too.  Because of Julia’s age, I anticipate conversations with her that could possibly be life shaping as she takes in more of what is going on around her in this world, how her relationship to God is paramount in every area of her life and the importance of the friendships she cultivates now.  Every year these conversations get more exciting and more significant.

I am excited to meet my two new Read2Win kids at M.L. Phillips Elementary in October.  Helping an eager child to build their reading skills is second to earning their admiration by just showing up with a smile and by Christmas, a hug because then, they initiate one.  Explore God hits the metroplex in September and it’s bursting with opportunities for all of us to share meaningful conversations with those who don’t understand who Jesus is or what it means to have a relationship with Him.  I am excited to see who we get to have in our home for 7 weeks.

That helps.  Fall is going to be great-- loads of potential if I can just stay in step with Him.

Those are all good things and it’s really okay for summer to be over.

And just like that, we awakened one morning and they got ready for school.  Fall 2015, here we come!

P.S.  Sort a big P.S.

So the next day-- this happened:

Braces.  These are pictures a momma loves.  She’s embarrassed that I am taking them.  She’s happy I am taking them.  She’s nervous and all that.  I love it.

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