Monday, August 31, 2015

Hotter than H-E Double Hockey Sticks Bike Ride 2015 {2nd go ‘round}

Nothing shows you have a house full like a dishwasher with this many coffee cups!  And I love it.  Jeff’s brother and sister in law {Phil and Barbara} brought friends this year to ride the HHH in Wichita Falls.  It was a pleasure to have Vanessa and Sam in our home with their lovely British accents and tea drinking affinity-- though they had their share of coffee.  

Since Barbara and Vanessa were planning to ride the 50 mile ride, I was the lucky one that got to sleep in with the teenagers and bring them at a godly hour, as opposed the UNgodly hour everyone else got up.  It was still pretty early but I bribed them with doughnuts!

Another highlight of the HHH each year is that we get to see these cousins every year!  They work the EXPO each year as their friend owns Parkside Cycle in Little Rock.

Brighton was our first finisher and we were super proud!!

Jeff promised him a “bike outfit” for next year if he completed his ride.  Done!

He’s had a thing for medals since... well, forever.  He was liking this thing around his neck.

Barbara and Vanessa came in next after their 50 mile ride.  They had trained together in Alpharetta so it was super fun to watch them make their goal together!

Jeff was the second of our 100 milers to come in.  This was his second year completing it.  It was much easier this time because the weather was good and the wind didn’t kill them.  
Phil came in later and I am not sure why I didn’t get a picture of him!  

This was my car ride home from Wichita Falls.  Quiet.  

There’s Phil!  And Sam!  It was a fun weekend-- FULL of biking stories, aching muscles, new fangled biking equipment, plenty of ribbing, lots of coffee-- and tea.  We loved every minute of it!

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